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In Celebration and Recognition of National Superhero Day April 28


NEW-GEN Congratulates and Honors All the Dedicated Superheroes Worldwide


Artist:  Randy Stolinas – “Always Essential”

Today, Superheroes Wear Masks Not Capes 


They Work Tirelessly to Save Lives


These Everyday Heroes Go Above and Beyond to Help and Serve Others


They Risk Their Own Health and Their Families Well-Being


May GOD Bless All for Their Personal Sacrifices



NEW-GEN Extols the Virtues of These True Superheroes



They are our....


Doctors, Nurses, First Responders, Military Personnel, Healthcare Workers, Firefighters, Police Officers, Teachers, Postal Workers, Political Leaders, Reporters, Researchers, Pharmacists, Food Handlers, Delivery People,

and many more!

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