NEW-GEN is a futuristic utopia where human beings, alien creatures, and mechanical life forms co-exist in harmony. Built with nanotechnology by a scientist and explorer from Earth, NEW-GEN weaves nature and technology together into a sustainable paradise. But a nanotech war has erupted - begun by an exiled genius and now both NEW-GEN and Earth are threatened with annihilation.

Nanotecnology is already transforming out world. Microscopic machines manipulate matter, rearranging atoms to solve mankind's problems: 


Nanomedicine - Nanobots serve as a mechanical immune system, repairing, healing, and curing any illness, injury, or disease. 

Environmental repair - Nanobots scrubcarbon dioxide from the atmosphere, break down water pollutants, and provide oxygen via artificial photosynthesis.

Future bio-enhancement - Jump higher, run longer, adapt to new climate. 

Nanotechnology applied to medicine: The first liquid retina prosthesis

July 10, 2020

Nanotechnology in our NEW-GEN Universe has been the big key to its vast utopian success. Check out how new nanotechnology medicine on Earth could help humans see in an improved and novel way! 

Nanotech polymer used to magnetize and waterproof paper

February 26, 2020

Scientists at the Istituto Italiano do Technologia (IIT) in Genoa, have been experimenting with the make-up of a sheet of paper using nanotech. 

Nanomaterials derived from cellulose could make renewable energy cheaper

February 19, 2020

Nature isn't always generous with its secrets. That's why some researchers look into unusual places for solutions to our toughest challenges, from powerful antibiotics hiding in the guts of tiny worms, to swift robots inspired by bats.

Sweet nanoparticles trick kidney

February 4, 2020

In a study published in the scientific journal Biomaterials, materials scientists at the University of Freiburg led by Prof. Dr. Prasad Shastri from the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry built nanoparticles with carbohydrate polysaccharides, which led to the excretion of the particles.

UMass scientist works at the nanoscale to fortify foods with vitamins and probiotics

January 29, 2020

David Julian McClements is a food scientist that thinks like a structural architect. In his line of work, he examines the molecular organization of fruits and vegetables in an attempt to increase their nutritional properties.

MIT graduate students lead conference on microsystems and nanotechnology 

January 22, 2020

Each January during the MIT Independent Activities Period, more than 200 students, faculty, staff, postdocs, and industry members come together at an off-campus site to explore technical achievements and research ideas at the forefront of microsystems and nanotechnology.

Scientists use nanotechnology to fight late-stage sepsis 

January 11, 2020

 Researchers have developed a way to prop up a struggling immune system to enable its fight against sepsis, a deadly condition resulting from the body’s extreme reaction to infection.

10 technology trends that will impact our lives in 2020 

January 1, 2020

2020 — it’s when the world will see transformational changes in how technology impacts our lives. Here’s a look at the top technology trends that will influence us.

How 2020 can be a tipping point for women in STEM

December 17, 2019

As we welcome 2020 with ambitions set high for greater diversity and inclusion in the workforce, it provides us with an opportunity to reset our goals for the year ahead.

Hiring antibodies as nanotechnology builders

December 3, 2019

What if we could use antibodies as functional tools for nanotechnology applications? A group of researchers at the University of Rome Tor Vergata started from this simple question, and the results of their research are now published in Nature Communications.

Nanotechnology brings new challenges, new solutions

November 30, 2019

Paul Weiss takes us on a quick tour of the early days and areas which are now made possible by nanotechnology.

Nanotechnology Offers Solution to Corrosion and Biofouling 

October 29, 2019

Humans have found a way to have nanotech play a crucial role in the future solution of pipe corrosion and biofouling! Click to read more about how this will be done.


Inverse Daily: Pizza for Everyone

October 25, 2019

Scientists at Northwestern University have discovered that nanotechnology could help treat autoimmune diseases and allergies, which plague tens of millions of people in the US.

Nanotechnology Eyed for Longer Battery Life, Faster Charging

October 9, 2019

Could nanotech be used to create a longer battery life and faster charging for our phones and other devices?

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