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The prequel story of Gabriel and the world of NEW-GEN begins with this issue. See how Gabriel starts as an arrogant master Alchemist named Gabriam in ancient Egypt, trying to gain the favor of his father the Pharaoh. See how it all began in NEW-GEN: New Dawn.

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Egypt lies of the brink of war with a neighboring nation, and Gabriel must diffuse the conflict or allow it to escalate to bloodshed. Overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation, the young leader receives a visit from an unexpected guest who offers guidance and answers to Gabriel’s most pressing questions. Equipped with new information about his past and his mystical scepter, the Kane, Gabriel makes a decision that will permanently alter his path.

Read the first 5 pages below. 


Using the power of the Kane, Gabriel journeys to distant worlds and across time. When his travels take him to the Dark Realm, he encounters a mighty, demonic figure determined to extract revenge. Having no recollection of his assailant, Gabriel fights for his life as he questions what he has done to provoke the stranger’s wrath.

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7 years after Gabriel’s first meeting with Sylvester Deadalus, the two scientists seem to be on the verge of creating a utopian world unlike existence has ever seen. The teacher and apprentice are bonded by their discovery of a new technology that will bring untold fortunes to the world. But when a personal tragedy strikes, Gabriel and Sylvester’s bond will be tested like never before? Will the two be able to do what’s best for their new utopian world, or will personal struggle pull the two apart? Also, what does the discovery of an ancient prophecy have to do with the future of this world?

Read the first 5 pages below.