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The epic sci-fi superhero saga NEW-GEN has been collected for the first time in a captivating one hundred and eighty page graphic novel. Experience the adventures of Gabriel and the A.P.N.G. as they fight twisted scientist Deadalus, who seeks to transform the world of NEW-GEN using nanotechnology.

The graphic novel contains the original first six issues of the series with previews of the next NEW-GEN series, NEW DAWN and AWAKENING. The graphic novel also contains a special forward by actor Mark Hamill and NEW-GEN creator J.D. Matonti.

“Watching NEW GEN evolve from a fascinating idea into a fully-realized, beautifully rendered comic book universe has been a real thrill for me. Fans of science-fiction/fantasy owe it to themselves to give NEW-GEN some serious attention!

– Mark Hamill


NEW-GEN exists in another dimension; a utopian society where human beings, creatures, and robots co-exist in complete harmony until a battle over nanotechnology rages between two superhuman scientists. Gabriel banishes his former friend, Deadalus, to The Underworld, sends his infant twin sons to Earth and takes in the young children and creatures affected by nanotechnology. The children and creatures grow up possessing unique Nanotech Powers in the Association for the Protection of the New Generation (A.P.N.G.) and will oppose Deadalus as he evolves into the purely evil Sly whose goal is to transform worlds.

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Deadalus has escaped... Gabriel sends his oldest and best trained member of the A.P.N.G., Mini to ancient Crete where Deadalus has surfaced and is wreaking havoc among the populace. Can Mini stop Deadalus before he damages Earth’s past? Or will Mini become ancient history at his hands?

Read the first five pages below. 


School is in session... as Chris and Sean prepare to enter a new school in New York City, many of the same old problems they have had to deal with continue to pop up. Gabriel encounters challenges finding the best way of teaching the A.P.N.G. on NEW-GEN. Meanwhile, Deadalus has made a shocking discovery about his time in the Underworld, a discovery that may lead him to more power than he has ever had before. Will more innocents suffer as he tries to return to NEW-GEN?

Read the first five pages below. 


Sly has arrived, a shadow of the man he once was. The newly dubbed Sly has begun using his MetalMites and the Microbots he discovered in the last issue to assemble fearsome weapons of war. Mini is sent in to stop him once again, but this time will Sly’s power be too much for Mini to handle on his own?

Read the first five pages below. 


The A.P.N.G. stands together as Sly threatens to destroy everything they hold dear. Will the A.P.N.G., now at full strength, be able to stop Sly here on Zadaar – 3 and prevent him from getting to NEW-GEN?

Read the first five pages below.